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Why Do You Need to Grammar Check Comma Use?

Incorrect use of punctuation can completely change the meaning of what you have written. The comma is the most frequently used piece of punctuation in most people’s writing and it is the most likely to be misused in some manner. Using a free online comma checker can help you to identify and correct these errors in your writing. By using our correct comma placement checker on all of your writing you will be able to ensure that your writing is correct as well as improving your writing skills.

Mistakes are easy to make as we write and we will all make them. Spotting them after, however, is rarely easy. Often mistakes will slip through as we simply do not have enough time to concentrate on our proofreading to get it done effectively. By using an automatic grammar and punctuation checker and corrector you will have the best chance of eliminating those errors in just a few minutes of your time.

What Should You Be Paying Attention to When You Proofread Your Paper?

Proofreading is about finding mistakes within your writing with regards to your grammar, punctuation, and spelling. It is not going to be just a quick read through of your paper in the hope that you will spot any mistakes that may lay there. We rarely see our own writing mistakes as we are often just too familiar with what we have written. So when you proofread you must do so in a methodical manner with a high level of concentration.

It is often best to read through your work looking for one type of error at a time. Most of us have errors that we tend to make on a regular basis and we should always keep a list of those errors so that we can look for those first. However, even the best of us will find that we are unable to maintain our concentration to do effective proofreading which is why using a comma check online tool is often the best way forward when you want to ensure that you catch all of the problems within your writing.

Comma Plague: 10 Most Common Comma Mistakes

The comma is one of the easiest pieces of punctuation to make mistakes with. Either placing it where it does not belong or failing to put it in when it is required. There are many rules that dictated where and when you should place your commas and it is very simple to get them wrong. A free comma placement checker such as ours can help you with identifying many of the most common ways in which you can get your comma placement incorrect:

  1. Not using a comma after an introductory word or clause: the comma is required so that the reader knows that the introduction has finished.
  2. Not using the Oxford comma: this is the comma that comes after the penultimate member of any list.
  3. Using a comma splice: this is separating two independent clauses within your sentence with only a comma.
  4. Failing to place a comma before a coordinating conjunction: a comma is required to show where the first clause ends and the next begins.
  5. Using a comma to separate the verb from the object: there should not be a comma used between these parts of the sentence.
  6. Failing to surround an interrupter: this is a short phrase or even a name that could appear in the middle of a sentence to add detail. Commas should be used in much the same way as you could use brackets.
  7. Placing a comma prior to the use of that: this is incorrect and should not be added for any reason in your writing.
  8. Failing to place a comma between independent clauses connected through a coordinating conjunction: the comma is used to show where that first clause ends.
  9. Putting a comma in front of a verb within a relative clause: if you place the comma here it will break the connection between them.
  10. Placing a comma prior to subordinate conjunction: in this case, no comma is required within your sentence.

How to Fix Comma Splice, Run-On Sentence, Fused Sentence

A run on sentence or fused sentence is one in which you have two clauses that are not separated by any form of punctuation or conjunction. It is not just a long sentence as some people think. You can have a run on sentence that is actually quite short as long as you have two independent clauses, a clause being a subject and verb that could stand as a sentence in its own right.

The easiest way to fix any run on sentence is to simply split the sentence into two independent sentences. Using a comma on its own would be incorrect and this is known as a comma splice. Another option would be to use a semicolon to divide the clauses if the second half of the sentence is closely related to the first.

Why Online Grammar Checker Is a Solution for Students, Writers and Bloggers All Over the World

free online comma checker and corrector

What Mistakes Can Our Free Online Comma Checker Fix?

We offer you a free grammar and comma checker that is quick and easy to use to correct your writing. It provides you with a comprehensive check of your writing that is able to provide you with hundreds of different checks to not only correct but also to improve your writing. With the constant use of our tool, you will be able to make significant improvements to how you write.

Our comma checker program offers you effective support to check for all of the following:

  • Spelling issues: the tool has an extended dictionary that allows it to help with spelling across all different subject areas. Not only will check if the words that you have used are correctly spelled it will also be able to detect if some words have been used outside of the context in which they should have been used.
  • Grammatical errors: these are the rules that dictate how we write and failing to follow them can lead to writing that is confusing and unclear. Our tool provides checks against more than 400 rules and will not only highlight issues but also show you how they should be corrected.
  • Punctuation: our professional comma and semicolon checker can identify and highlight where you may have incorrectly used your punctuation. It understands the many rules that must be followed and will provide you with the corrections that are required to remove issues from your writing.
  • Vocabulary: not only does the tool find and correct mistakes it can also help you to make improvements to the vocabulary that you use. It is able to make suggestions as to how you can change the wording for more suitable choices.
  • Plagiarism: copied text can cause you a huge problem if it is spotted. Our tool is able to show you if any of your writing is copied in any way allowing you to make corrections to avoid any penalties that you would otherwise suffer.

How Can You Access Our Comma Grammar Check?

Our professional sentence comma corrector can automatically check grammar and punctuation within your writing to a higher standard. To use our comma placer software all you need to do is:

  • Navigate to our page on which the tool sits.
  • Copy the writing that you would like to have checked and paste it into the space provided on the tool.
  • The tool will quickly use its software to check your writing in just a few seconds.
  • Review the results and make the suggested changes to correct your writing.
  • Paste the corrected writing straight back into your document.

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