Dangers of Comma Splice: Fix Comma Misuse with Comma Splice Checker Free

Why Do You Need to Know How to Fix a Comma Splice Sentence?

Writing is a vital skill to learn and you will always be judged on its quality whether you are still within the school or have moved onto your career. Poor writing is never looked on favorably and simple mistakes with your grammar and punctuation can drastically change what you were hoping to say. By using our comma checker online free you will be able to quickly and efficiently check your writing to avoid any problems. Our comma splice checker free can help you to avoid these issues and many more.

The negative effects of poor writing can be anything from low grades through to having business proposals rejected. Our run on and comma splice checker can be used on anything from business plans to students writing and will help you to ensure that your writing has followed all of the many rules for punctuation and grammar. With regular use, it will help you to recognize your writing mistakes and help you to correct them within your work.

What Is a Comma Splice Sentence?

A comma splice is a comma used to join two independent clauses within a sentence. An independent clause is basically a sentence in its own right. It will contain a subject and a verb and could stand alone. Joining it with just a comma is not correct use of punctuation.

Without the comma or any other punctuation, the sentence would be considered a run-on sentence and some will mistakenly correct their run-on by adding the comma. So how do you fix a comma splice? The correct way to join the clauses within your run on sentence is by using a conjunction, colon or semicolon. Alternatively, the sentence could be split into two forming two independent sentences.

Dangers of Comma Splice: Why It Can Be Difficult to Notice Comma Splices and Fused Sentences

Trying to spot run on sentences and comma splices is not as simple as you would like. If you check manually then you could easily miss them unless you are really concentrating hard and looking for them. You will also find that most spelling and grammar checkers that come with programs such as Word will not spot them.

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Allowing them to slip through in your writing however is not going to be good. While you may only end up with poorer grades if you are a student the outcome for professional writing can be far greater. Poor writing will rarely gain the response that you were hoping for.

Comma Splice Examples

Our comma usage checker online is able to help you to spot the use of comma splices within your writing. They will look similar to some of the examples listed here along with their corrections:

Splice Correction
I am not going to work today, it is boring. I am not going to work today; it is boring.
The bus was late to arrive, we walked to town. The bus was later to arrive, so we walked to town.
The dog sat on the mat, the cat was in the pet bed. The dog sat on the mat, because the cat was in the pet bed.
I was very hungry, I could eat a horse. I was very hungry. I could eat a horse.

How Can Our Fragment and Run on Sentence Checker Help You?

From compound sentence comma usage through to spotting the incorrect use of apostrophes there are many areas that our tool can help you. By simply pasting your writing into our free tool you will be able to have your work given a comprehensive check for hundreds of different potential problems. It works quickly and efficiently and there is little that will be able to slip past it.

We feel that our tool is the best free grammar and punctuation checker as it is able to help you to correct so many potential issues in your writing:

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